We bring everything we love about holidays to the interior of your home with these highly-detailed figurines and collectibles. These figurines are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts! Our figurines are full of whimsical smiles, cute faces, and lots of colors, so you can decorate with a smile. Find high-quality figurines, and collectibles here at Cuddle Decor. We also carry mini sculptures, statues, bottle brush trees, table decoration, mugs, bowls, platters and much more! Be ready to start a new collection of Lori Mitchell, Bethany Lowe, Johanna Parker, Michelle Allen, Michelle Lauritsen, Glitterville, Jim Shore, Disney Traditions, Katherine's Collection, Christian Ulbricht, and more, or add new pieces to your collection today!

Please, note that each year we introduce new pieces into our collection and retire some old favorites. If you want a particular piece, we highly recommend that you place your order today!

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If you want to buy a product that we do not have in stock, please contact us and we will do our best to get the product for you. We have an excellent relationship with all our suppliers!


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