I have been selling One Hundred 80 Degrees products for a while, and I get so disappointed when I find a seller trying to trick the customers... this just breaks my heart!

So, I decided to help you to know and decide if a Marshmallow Mug is original from 180D or not.

First thing is, look at the box. The original ones don't come in a styrofoam box. Second, they are not super glossy - the original ones are matte. Third thing is pay attention to the position of the mouth. The copy ones have the mouth very close to the eyes, see second mug on the top right for reference.

See images below for reference.

 These mugs are not from the brand One Hundred 80 Degrees

This seller went a bit too far and even faked the 180D logo! (legal actions were already taken)

Mugs not from the brand One Hundred 80 degrees

Mugs not from the brand One Hundred 80 Degrees

I am so sorry for this customer who bought this product and thought it was original and authentic! :(

In addition to all these details, you also should know that the original Marshmallow Mug cannot be sold in Marketplaces. So, if you found someone stating that they are original, and the seller is selling this product in a Marketplace, you should right away report directly to 180D. Don't support sellers that sell counterfeit products!

If you have any questions, I will be right here and ready to answer, just send me an email at info@cuddledecor.com





Counterfeit: (1) made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud. (2) a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery. (3) imitate fraudulently.

March 09, 2021 — Claudia Lindsay