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Hi! My name is Claudia, and I am the owner of Cuddle Decor. Welcome to my shop! I sincerely thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find something you love. 

I am based in Bend, Oregon, the outdoor playground of the West. I am a Graphic Designer, and I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts with a concentration in Web Design from SNHU. 

I started collecting tiny décor back in 2017. I was always looking for pieces full of whimsical smiles, cute faces, and lots of colors. I couldn’t get enough of those adorable pieces! I loved all of them so much! So I had the idea of creating my own shop with everything that I would buy for myself or as a gift to someone I love. That way, I not only would be getting a lot of the items I want, but I would also be able to supply to as many people as I could.

And so in 2020, Cuddle Decor began “Spreading Smiles”!

Cuddle Decor products are made by amazing designers and professionals all around the world.

As to this date, we carry products from recognized brands including Bethany Lowe Designs, Katherine's Collection, and One Hundred 80 Degrees, to name a few. And products from artists including Johanna Parker, David H. Everett, LeeAnn Kress, Michelle Lauritsen, Lori C. Mitchell, Debra Schoch, and Michelle Allen.

If you want to sell your unique product or feature them on Cuddle Decor website, please contact me. I am continually adding innovative products that nurture “discoverhood.” Also, if you want to keep updated, feel free to Sign Up for my emails or Create Account.

I believe in creating a happy, safe, exciting, fun, and beautiful world. I hope that my customers, especially the cuddly ones, will enjoy my products as much as I love them. 

Core Values

I am passionate about creating an exceptional and memorable experience that you can count on. I understand the importance of delivering beautiful products on time, every time. Therefore, we go the extra mile and inspect every product one by one before we ship it to you.


To provide all the fun and whimsical pieces so you can decorate with a smile.
To inspire every person who receives something from Cuddle Decor and make them feel unique, special, and happier.

July 01, 2020 — Claudia Lindsay

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