SEISHIN How to Start by Cuddle Decor

Cultivation points
After germination, place in a sunny and well-ventilated place. For watering, add water when the cup runs out of water.

You can enjoy it as a small plant even if you grow it as it is, but if you want to grow it big, replant it. Take out the soil together with the net and replant it in a large pot.

How to start
The tail strap is a water-absorbing strap. Water is sucked up from the tail and connected to the basket, and the plant grows.

Step 1 1 Put the swelling soil in the attached cup with the empty net facing up and immerse it in about 20cc of lukewarm water.

Step 2 2 After waiting for a while, the soil absorbs water and swells about 5 times. If it does not swell completely, add a little water.

Step 3 3 Make sure that the water absorption filter on the tail is set in the center of the bottom of the basket .

Step 4 4 Gently push in the swollen soil. If you are worried about it, please scrape the soil a bit because it will stick out of the basket a little.

Step 5 5 Loosen the surface of the soil with a toothpick .

Step 6 6 Hang the tail on the edge of the cup and store enough water to soak it to about half of the tail. You can use your favorite cup, but it may not fit if it has a thick edge.

Step 7 7 When the soil has cooled, sprinkle it so that the seeds do not overlap, and lightly press it to blend it with the soil. Keep the soil surface moist by placing it in a bright, well- ventilated place out of direct sunlight until germination.

SEISHIN How to start by Cuddle Decor

You can enjoy it as a small plant even if you grow it as it is, but if you want to grow it big, replant it. Take out the soil together with the net and replant it in a large pot.


Q: Does the seed have an expiration date?
A: If you do not open the seed bag, it will last for 1 to 2 years, but please use it as soon as possible.

Q: Can you grow it all year round?
A: You can grow it at any time as long as it meets the optimum temperature for germination and growth. Avoid midsummer and midwinter when sowing seeds, and choose a time that is easy to manage.

Q: Can I use it as many times as I want?
A: Basically, it is only once.

Q: Can I eat what I grow up?
A: You can eat vegetables and herbs, not the seeds. Please do it at your own risk when harvesting and eating.

Q: It didn’t "germinate", what should I do?
A: Water, temperature, and oxygen are conditions necessary for plant seeds to germinate. There are also types that require light and types that do not. Then the reason why it does not germinate is:

  • The temperature is not suitable for germination. Each plant has a temperature suitable for germination, so please refer to the germination temperature.
  • Excessive water/insufficient water. Although water is required for germination, the seeds cannot absorb oxygen sufficiently when the seeds are immersed in water.
  • For seeds that need light to germinate, do not sprinkle with soil (hold them lightly with your hands and keep them in close contact with the soil) so that the seeds are hidden.
  • It grows dry with a moderate amount of moisture that does not cause excessive moisture.

After germination, place it in the sun for about half a day in the morning if possible. In the case of bottom water supply, if the water is always stored in the water storage pot, the soil will remain full of water, so pour water after the soil has dried.

Growth conditions and cultivation results vary depending on the cultivation environment such as weather conditions, area, and altitude.

* When sowing seeds, avoid midsummer and midwinter as much as possible, and choose a time that is easy to manage. (If the temperature does not reach the optimum temperature for germination and cultivation, germination may not occur or growth may be poor.)
* Be careful not to dry the soil surface until germination and in the early stages of growth.
* Do not use seeds for food or feed.
* Please handle with care so that children do not accidentally put seeds or soil in their mouths.
* Please keep away from direct sunlight and humidity and store in a cool place until you start cultivation.
* Sunlight is required for plant growth. Please cultivate in a place exposed to sunlight such as a balcony or a window.



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October 20, 2020 — Claudia Lindsay

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