Garden Patch - Growing Kit

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Garden Patch is a quick and easy way to fill a bare spot in any garden or patio container. Made with biodegradable paper embedded with seeds, simply lay a Garden Patch on the soil, lightly cover, water, and soon a garden will grow.

Made in the UK, Garden Patch’s packages feature illustrations created from playful and charming hand embroidery. Two styles are available — Mixed Wildflowers and Herb Assortment — each package comes with five Garden Patches (5.5″ in diameter). The Herb Assortment has one Patch of basil, chives, coriander, mint, parsley. Mending your garden has never been easier! It's fun! Cute! Grow plants and make them smile.

Garden Patch Growing Kit

At a glance

  • Biodegradable paper embedded with seeds
  • Choose one: Mixed Wildflowers or Herb Assortment
  • Each package comes with 5 patches
  • Patch size 5.5" in diameter
  • Origin: UK

Care Instruction

Growth conditions and cultivation results vary depending on the cultivation environment such as weather conditions, area, and altitude.

* When sowing seeds, avoid midsummer and midwinter as much as possible, and choose a time that is easy to manage. (If the temperature does not reach the optimum temperature for germination and cultivation, germination may not occur or growth may be poor.)
* Be careful not to dry the soil surface until germination and in the early stages of growth.
* Do not use seeds for food or feed.
* Please handle with care so that children do not accidentally put seeds or soil in their mouths.
* Please keep away from direct sunlight and humidity and store in a cool place until you start cultivation.
* Sunlight is required for plant growth. Please cultivate in a place exposed to sunlight.



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Great idea!

This is such a great idea! Kids love it! Thanks for the help and support - I will be back for more!