Who is Johanna Parker?

Photo credit: Johanna Parker

Johanna Parker is a nationally recognized artist who loves combining her wonderful illustrations with a paper mache medium. Johanna is so popular that many companies have reproduced her originals.

This is how they all start. Photo credit: Johanna Parker

Johanna is the owner of the amazing Johanna Parker Design, a cottage-based design team in Colorado with two creative folks who love each other and love making things with their hands.

Johanna was born on Halloween! So, given that along with her affinity for art and color, as well as all things vintage whimsy, she found herself creating happy-spirited and often spooky characters from papier mache.

Today, Johanna Parker Design creates a limited number of folk art originals each year as well as licensed collections for the gift and surface design industry. Any given day at the JP cottage may include a touch of painting, sculpting, sanding, along with some graphic design, pattern making, photography, and illustration.
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July 10, 2021 — Claudia Lindsay

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