Who is LeeAnn Kress?

Photo credit: LeeAnn Kress

LeeAnn Kress is the artist at Charmed Confections. Her art is whimsical, candy-colored, and sweetly created for you - the collector. Her art pieces are hand sculpted down to the tiniest detail and adorned with a little sugar and spice. Then, they are reproduced by Bethany Lowe Designs and available on the Cuddle Decor website. 

From as far back as she can remember, she’d had a love of fanciful things and anything Halloween! Her pieces are created on that concept of being either spooky or sweet ... or a little of both. These bitter/sweet confections are intended to bring joy to your holiday or fine art collection - a charming piece of art to be passed down through your family's generations.

This is how they all start. Photo credit: LeeAnn Kress

Her pieces start out as a lump of clay. Her mediums are an array of paper and clay with an inner armature for support and stability. Each piece is sanded to a silky smooth finish, painted, stained, and sealed to give a lifetime of enjoyment. The reproductions sold at the Cuddle Decor website are made of hand-painted resin.

These pieces are not intended for children, but for the true collector and connoisseur of whimsical art.

Read more on her own page.

You can now find LeeAnn Kress products at the Cuddle Decor website!

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Many more to come!

Stay tuned! :)
Claudia Lindsay