SEISHIN Shippon Self Watering Animal Planter

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From seeding to harvesting, this is all you need! Introducing a cultivation set for children! The tail has been renewed even cuter! There are three types of animals to choose from. Choose the dog, cat, or monkey, or choose them all!

Grow plants with animals with a bottom water supply system that lets you manage water at a glance! This adorable Shippon has a fabric tail that soaks water up that connects to the basket on its back and feeds its plant! The cat, dog, and monkey Shippon each grow a popular plant (clover, wild strawberry, and basil). A small plastic cup is included but Shippons sit on any glass or mug of clean water.

Sip, sip, sip!
It's fun! Cute! Grow plants and make them smile.

SEISHIN Shippon Self Watering Animal Planter

At a glance

  • Ceramic animal ((choose dog, cat, or monkey)
  • Plastic cup
  • Net Inflatable soil
  • Seed pack
  • Growing instructions
  • Package size 5.5" H x 3.25" W x 2.5" D
  • Origin: Japan
  • Pre-made


  • Shippon Dog (Clover)
  • Shippon Cat (Wild Strawberry)
  • Shippon Monkey (Basil)

Care Instruction

Growth conditions and cultivation results vary depending on the cultivation environment such as weather conditions, area, and altitude.

* When sowing seeds, avoid midsummer and midwinter as much as possible, and choose a time that is easy to manage. (If the temperature does not reach the optimum temperature for germination and cultivation, germination may not occur or growth may be poor.)
* Be careful not to dry the soil surface until germination and in the early stages of growth.
* Do not use seeds for food or feed.
* Please handle with care so that children do not accidentally put seeds or soil in their mouths.
* Please keep away from direct sunlight and humidity and store in a cool place until you start cultivation.
* Sunlight is required for plant growth. Please cultivate in a place exposed to sunlight such as a balcony or a window.

How to start
The tail strap is a water-absorbing strap. Water is sucked up from the tail and connected to the basket, and the plant grows.

Cultivation points
After germination, place in a sunny and well-ventilated place. For watering, add water when the cup runs out of water.

Shippon Self Watering Animal Planter Info

Let's watch the water rise from the straw and grow cute plants!

Shippon is a cute animal that comes out of the cup. It soaks water up from its tail and connects it to the basket on its back, where it feeds the plant and the plant grows. It has a bottom water supply system that allows you to manage water at a glance.

Shippon Dog (Clover)

Clover cultivation information
Also known as white clover. It is a perennial plant of the legume family native to Europe. The flower color is white and the leaves have 3 leaflets.

  • Suitable temperature for germination: 68°F - 86°F
  • Sowing: Spring sowing (March-June) Autumn sowing (September-November)
  • Suitable temperature for cultivation: 59°F - 86°F
  • Germination days: 3-5 days

    Shippon Cat (Wild Strawberry)

    Wild Strawberry cultivation information
    A perennial plant belonging to the genus Strawberry of the Rosaceae family, which is called "carrying happiness.” If you manage the strawberries in the four seasons in a warm room, they will bloom and bear fruit even in winter. It is a very easy-to-grow herb that is resistant to heat and cold.

    • Suitable temperature for germination: around 68°F
    • Seeding: Spring sowing (March-June) Autumn sowing (September-November)
    • Suitable temperature for cultivation: 59°F - 68°F
    • Germination days: 15-20 days
    • Estimated harvest: Approximately 6 months ~

        Shippon Monkey (Basil)

        Basil cultivation information
        It is popular for its unique aroma and is widely used in Western dishes such as pasta. It is a typical herb that is strong and easy to grow.

        • Suitable temperature for germination: 68°F - 77°F
        • Sowing: Spring sowing (March-June) Autumn sowing (September-November)
        • Suitable temperature for cultivation: 68°F - 77°F
        • Germination days: 3-10 days
        • Estimated harvest: 1-2 months

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews

        Cute as I thought!

        Angela M.
        Complete kit

        I got this kit for my 8 year old daughter. She is loves growing kits and and this one was no exception. The kit came with everything she needed and she also enjoyed planting the seeds! In about a week, the seeds were sprouting and she is enjoying watching them grow.

        Benecia M.
        This is a great idea for your kids and to gift to someone!

        My kids had a blast planting their seeds. They thought it was neat to watch them grow! This kit comes with everything you need to start! It's a very thoughtful and unique gift to give! Thanks!

        good quality

        I got two of those and they are very well made. The shipping was fast and excellent customer service - thank you very much.

        Exactly as the picture

        t's very cute, I'm waiting to see if it will grow.


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